Friday, February 26, 2010

another day goes by

Hi, so I got back from Vierumäki already on wednesday but was so exhausted that I didn't feel like blogging. I can barely walk because my legs hurt so much, after 3 hours of horseback riding, 2 hours of badminton, 1 hour of tennis and something like 6 miles of cross country skiing all in 2 days, your legs will hurt trust me.
Anyways yesterday I went to Helsinki with my mom and brother. I got a book called Skönhetsbibeln (Beauty Bible). I also placed an order on amazon so I should be getting a book called "That extra half an inch" and "the september issue" on DVD in about a week. I also wanted to order the "Teen Vogue handbook" but it's on pre-order until may (I have to order through amazon uk) and since my dad is going to NY for a week soon he can pick it up at a Barnes and Noble instead.

(If you want to know where to items featured in the set above are from check out my polyvore site Cath B)

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