Sunday, August 29, 2010


One of this season's must have items: SHEARLING (vest from Zara)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Balenciaga City lizard-embossed ($1445 + tax)
Balenciaga City ($1445 + tax)
Since I'll be going to New York in October I've really been thinking about investing in a good bag. I've been using my beloved Zara bag for about a year now but it's starting to break down. Also I would like a bag that I know is well made and will last me a long time. I haven't decided on one yet but I've been thinking: either a Miu Miu bow satchel in black, a Balenciaga City in black (bottom picture) or then the Balenciaga City lizard-embossed bag in black (top picture). Balenciaga also came out with a bag in suede but so far all I know is that they have them in beige, green and blue (not 100% sure about the last color) so I have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that they make it in black.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010


1.Could you speak english when you moved?
No not really, I could introduce myself and understand basic things. But you learn really fast when you are young, my younger brother didn't speak a single word of English, after 6 months he was as good as his classmates. 2.Was it hard to find good friends? No, everyone was really excited and interested. They would ask lots of questions and would want me to translate random words into Swedish or Finnish.
3.Was it difficult to understand what your friends were talking about at first?
At times yes, but everyone was very understanding and helpful. If I didn't understand something they would always try to explain. 4.How did it go at school since you're not a english girl. and you're not so good in the language?
I had a very understanding teacher who would always make sure that I understood what to do and you learn really fast when you are in school all day and all you hear is English. When I started 6th grade (second year of living in the US as well as a new school) I could speak, write and read fluently. 5.Would you like to move back to the US when you get older?
YES YES YES! I love it there. Everyone is so friendly and overall living there for 2 years has been the best experience in my life. Also because I want to work in fashion I think they have better career options. 6.Do you prefer Finland better than the US?
It's hard to say, I mean I love the US and really want to move back but than again Finland is my HOME. There are things that I like about the US and there are things I like about Finland.
7.Have you been to the US after you moved back to Finland? Yes, I spent a week in New York/Connecticut last summer (2009).
8.Was it hard for you to move away from all your friends in Finland? Yes of course, we did write to each other etc. but we lost touch after about a year and I have new friends now here in Finland. One thing that I love about my American friends is that it has been over 2 years since we moved back to Finland and we still keep in touch.
9.What grades do you have at school in english now? Usually between a 9 and a 10. I can speak, write and read English fluently but it's often things like translating from English to Swedish that I'm not too good at. I know all the words and I understand the text it's just that sometimes I can't remember what the word is in Swedish.
10.What is a Connecticut?
Connecticut is a state just like California, Texas, Florida... It's located on the eastcoast next to New York.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

American girl

I got requested to write about my time in the States and what it was like living there for 2 years. I was super excited to write about it until I sat down and started writing. There is sooo much to talk about and I have NO idea what you want to know. That's why I decided to have a little Q&A session. You can ask me anything you want and how ever many questions you want.
Here are some basic facts: I lived in Connecticut (on the east coast) for 2 years and we moved because of my dad's job. We lived in a quite small yet upscale town and therefore I was able to go to a public school. I went to 2 different schools, last year of elementary school (5th grade) and then first year of middle school (6th grade).
So now whatever you want to know just leave a comment below and let me know, it can be about the schools, the people, shopping, New York anything you can think of.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

towards the darkness

Good afternoon everybody, as I told you in my previous post I went to Helsinki yesterday to do some back to school shopping. Anyways here is some of the stuff that I got. I told you that I was going to switch my skincare routine so I got the travel size set of the Clinique 3-step. It came with the liquid facial soap in mild 50ml/1.7fl.oz, the clarifying lotion 2 which is for dry combination skin 100ml/3.4fl.oz and then the cutest tiniest bottle of the dramatically different moisturizing lotion 30ml/1fl.oz. I also got the moisture sheer tint (tinted moisturizer) in beige,it looks a bit dark when you swatch it but it blends in really well, the only negative so far is that you only get 40ml of product and you pay about 32€ for it which I think is a bit over the top.
I finally got my sunglasses (yay!!) they had just arrived so I was really lucky.
And before I go I just want to tell you that if you can get your hands on the ELLE collections a/w 2010 magazine I really recommend for you to get it. The cover in it self is amazing and it includes backstage photos, facts about the runway shows, a tribute to Lee McQueen, a closer look at the trends and a whole lot more.

Monday, August 2, 2010

all day and all night

(above: Rick Owens for 1630€ available at net-a-porter, Lindex for 59,95€)
So I'm going to Helsinki tomorrow to do some back to school shopping. I need to get my books and supplies, and it's a perfect excuse to get some other stuff as well. I might swing by the sunglass store as well to see what's going on since the pair of D&G sunglasses that I told you about still haven't arrived and it has now been over a month. Also I've been thinking about starting a new skincare routine and I think I'm going to switch to the Clinique 3-step. I've been using Acnicyl for a few months now and I feel that it's time to switch to something that isn't just for treating acne.
I'll get back to you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

back on track

Sorry for not posting anything in a month. School starts in 3 weeks so it's time to go and purchase books for next year and do some back to school shopping etc. which means that I'll probably be busy these last few weeks of vacation but when school starts and I get back into my normal rhythm things should pick up.