Monday, June 6, 2011

skin secrets

I've been wanting to try this foundation for awhile now, curious to see how good it actually is. The foundation I've been using for a good 5 months now has been the Clinique anti-blemish solutions. I bought it mainly because I wanted a foundation with a matte finish, I prefer to add all the dew and luster myself. I have a very bizarre skin type. It tends to be dry all over in the mornings and I need to add a whole bunch of moisturizers and primers for foundations to go on smoothly but during the day my skin is more on the slightly oily side (during the winter my skin is REALLY DRY). 
I also really want to avoid the Clinique counter at Stockmanns, simply because I haven't had the best experiences there. When I wanted to get a foundation, I suggested one that I wanted to try but the lady looked once at my face and just picked up the anti-blemish one. My skin isn't even that bad. It tends to scar really easily so while my skin is completely smooth to the touch I have a few areas where I have spots which are simply acne scars. The lady said "you probably have oily skin", I said no it's actually really dry, this was in February so the winter was taking a toll on my skin, but as a response I got an "okay". I wanted to try different foundations but she kept on pushing with the anti-blemish one(I bought it because I just needed a foundation). The anti-blemish foundation is for oily to very oily skin. I live in my skin every day and I know that it's dry so clearly something doesn't add up.
Sorry about the rant I just can't stand bit*hy people like that who work in the service sector and really couldn't care less about the customers. I might stop by on Wednesday, hopefully the girls at the Chanel counter are a bit more customer friendly.

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