Monday, October 4, 2010

fall colors

I know that my last few updates have been lacking text but I just haven't had time to write because of test week. Anyways this is pretty much all I've done today:

8:00 wake up, had a late morning but got up early for some reason 
11:10 ran to the bus (can't understand how it's possible to be late when you have 3 hours on you) 
12:20 biology lesson 
14:10 back on the bus on my way home
14:45 home, quick snack
15:00 running for 15min + 45min of zumba
16:00 studied for biology quiz 
16:30 clean room
16:45 decided what to pack for an upcoming trip
17:00 studied for biology quiz

have a nice day <3 

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