Tuesday, April 10, 2012

outfit of the day... kind of

I had a job interview today and decided to take some pictures on my way back home
 Gasp! She wore jeans to a job interview! Haha it's probably the no. 1 don't when it comes to dressing for a job interview but it turned out just fine since even the interviewer was wearing jeans. The jeans were accompanied by the white silky Zara shirt I just blogged about as well as the navy Zara gathered sleeve blazer I bought a few weeks ago.
The coat that you can see a glimpse of is a quilted coat by Barbour.
 My trusted Zara tote got the important task of holding all of my bits and bobs 
As far as jewelry goes I kept it simple and only wore my favorite MK watch


  1. I really like your blog :-) I think its because of all the zara things I'm seeing :]

    Sheena x