Monday, April 2, 2012

Zara messenger bag strap

Some of you have been wondering about the strap on my new Zara bag. In my previous post I actually forgot to tell you that I'd shortened it.
 This is what the bag looked like when I bought it. Even though I did like the long messenger style strap I wanted something shorter.
 Open the buckle...
 and simply move it over to the other side.

 Obviously you don't want the other end of the strap hanging out so all you have to do is...
 Tuck it through to loop and into the bag and VOILA! 
And for anyone who was wondering, at its longest the strap measures at about 100 cm (about 40 inches for you kids across the pond)


  1. so glad I came across this, I was thinking of ways to shorten the strap but it never occurred to me to just do this! =) duh

  2. I can't wait to get this bag! How long in inches is the strap after you have shortened it?

    1. Hi, the strap is approximately 22 inches when shortened XO