Wednesday, August 4, 2010

towards the darkness

Good afternoon everybody, as I told you in my previous post I went to Helsinki yesterday to do some back to school shopping. Anyways here is some of the stuff that I got. I told you that I was going to switch my skincare routine so I got the travel size set of the Clinique 3-step. It came with the liquid facial soap in mild 50ml/1.7fl.oz, the clarifying lotion 2 which is for dry combination skin 100ml/3.4fl.oz and then the cutest tiniest bottle of the dramatically different moisturizing lotion 30ml/1fl.oz. I also got the moisture sheer tint (tinted moisturizer) in beige,it looks a bit dark when you swatch it but it blends in really well, the only negative so far is that you only get 40ml of product and you pay about 32€ for it which I think is a bit over the top.
I finally got my sunglasses (yay!!) they had just arrived so I was really lucky.
And before I go I just want to tell you that if you can get your hands on the ELLE collections a/w 2010 magazine I really recommend for you to get it. The cover in it self is amazing and it includes backstage photos, facts about the runway shows, a tribute to Lee McQueen, a closer look at the trends and a whole lot more.

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  1. I like the sunglasses. can you write a post where you tell us about how it was to live in USA? And can you post a picture of you? I wonder how you look like :-D