Thursday, August 5, 2010

American girl

I got requested to write about my time in the States and what it was like living there for 2 years. I was super excited to write about it until I sat down and started writing. There is sooo much to talk about and I have NO idea what you want to know. That's why I decided to have a little Q&A session. You can ask me anything you want and how ever many questions you want.
Here are some basic facts: I lived in Connecticut (on the east coast) for 2 years and we moved because of my dad's job. We lived in a quite small yet upscale town and therefore I was able to go to a public school. I went to 2 different schools, last year of elementary school (5th grade) and then first year of middle school (6th grade).
So now whatever you want to know just leave a comment below and let me know, it can be about the schools, the people, shopping, New York anything you can think of.

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  1. could you speak english when you moved?

    was it hard to find good friends?

    was it difficult to understand what your friends was talking about at first?

    how did it go at school since you're not a english girl. and you're not so good in the language?

    would you like to move back to the US when you get older?

    Do you prefer Finland better than the US?

    Have you been in the US after you moved back to finland?

    was it hard for you to move away from all your friends in Finland?

    What grades do you have at school in english now?

    What is a Connecticut?

    I would like to move to the US when i get older. Is it a good country to live in?