Saturday, August 14, 2010


Balenciaga City lizard-embossed ($1445 + tax)
Balenciaga City ($1445 + tax)
Since I'll be going to New York in October I've really been thinking about investing in a good bag. I've been using my beloved Zara bag for about a year now but it's starting to break down. Also I would like a bag that I know is well made and will last me a long time. I haven't decided on one yet but I've been thinking: either a Miu Miu bow satchel in black, a Balenciaga City in black (bottom picture) or then the Balenciaga City lizard-embossed bag in black (top picture). Balenciaga also came out with a bag in suede but so far all I know is that they have them in beige, green and blue (not 100% sure about the last color) so I have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that they make it in black.


  1. hi, came across your blog while browsing for balenciaga bags. i'll be visiting helsinki in october and was wondering if there's anywhere in the city that sells balenciaga? although i guess not because you're talking about going to new york to buy one... but thought i'd just ask! thanks :)

  2. reply to zyn: unfortunately Balenciaga bags are not sold in Helsinki. Balenciaga does not have their own store nor do they have any other retailers here in Finland, but I hope you enjoy your trip :)