Sunday, August 8, 2010


1.Could you speak english when you moved?
No not really, I could introduce myself and understand basic things. But you learn really fast when you are young, my younger brother didn't speak a single word of English, after 6 months he was as good as his classmates. 2.Was it hard to find good friends? No, everyone was really excited and interested. They would ask lots of questions and would want me to translate random words into Swedish or Finnish.
3.Was it difficult to understand what your friends were talking about at first?
At times yes, but everyone was very understanding and helpful. If I didn't understand something they would always try to explain. 4.How did it go at school since you're not a english girl. and you're not so good in the language?
I had a very understanding teacher who would always make sure that I understood what to do and you learn really fast when you are in school all day and all you hear is English. When I started 6th grade (second year of living in the US as well as a new school) I could speak, write and read fluently. 5.Would you like to move back to the US when you get older?
YES YES YES! I love it there. Everyone is so friendly and overall living there for 2 years has been the best experience in my life. Also because I want to work in fashion I think they have better career options. 6.Do you prefer Finland better than the US?
It's hard to say, I mean I love the US and really want to move back but than again Finland is my HOME. There are things that I like about the US and there are things I like about Finland.
7.Have you been to the US after you moved back to Finland? Yes, I spent a week in New York/Connecticut last summer (2009).
8.Was it hard for you to move away from all your friends in Finland? Yes of course, we did write to each other etc. but we lost touch after about a year and I have new friends now here in Finland. One thing that I love about my American friends is that it has been over 2 years since we moved back to Finland and we still keep in touch.
9.What grades do you have at school in english now? Usually between a 9 and a 10. I can speak, write and read English fluently but it's often things like translating from English to Swedish that I'm not too good at. I know all the words and I understand the text it's just that sometimes I can't remember what the word is in Swedish.
10.What is a Connecticut?
Connecticut is a state just like California, Texas, Florida... It's located on the eastcoast next to New York.

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