Monday, March 22, 2010

hours on end

(above: this years bikini? from H&M)
Hello gals,
It's hard to understand that we only have 50 days of school left, I mean that's going to go by in no time. I can't wait for summer, while my friends back in Westport are enjoying the warm spring weather in stuck over here in Finland surrounded by snow. Anyways I got some new DVDs on saturday and pretty much just watched them all day. New Moon, 2012 and a box of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream, what more do you need? :) I saw New Moon once back in like November/December when it came out so I just watched that again. I never saw 2012 in theaters even though I really wanted to and I have to say that was such a good movie. This was the first time I've been crying while watching a movie in such a long time.
I'm going to try to do a bit more blogging this week cause I have tests all of next week and I really need to focus on them, so I probably won't be posting anything next week.
Also I've realized that I haven't really posted any photos, which I'm going to start doing as soon as it starts to get warmer so I can be outside.

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