Saturday, March 13, 2010

ice queen

(above:Chanel fall 2010 RTW, from
ARGH! Why does nothing seem to go right?? I took my bag to get it fixed and at the shoe/bag repair they said that they couldn't! How is that possible? You are supposed to fix things like that not tell me that you can't. I went to Zara as well and they told me that I could exchange the bag for a gift card and get a different bag, but I don't want a different bag I want my old one fixed! I prefer to spend a bit more money on bags so I get one that's good and durable. The bag was about 60€ which isn't a huge amount of money so I was kind of expecting that it would break at some point, but not after a few months. Anyways I'm gonna take it to a different place some time next week and see if the could just sew it together somehow and then I they could replace the gold button like thing with something similar.

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